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Tap Into Your Creative Self

HUMIC's AI Project Incubator is a team-based initiative towards gaining practical skills developing an AI application in the real world. Gathering the best AI minds on campus, this is as much a learning and sharing opportunity as it is a chance to explore the increasingly hot space of AI-powered tools. Each semester, we aim to have a diverse set of project topics, spanning NLP to CV to RL to Generative AI, and each with various difficulties so that everyone can find a project that fits their background and interests. This includes beginner-friendly projects! Previous projects have included a Harvard course recommendation system, contributing to DeepMind’s open source RL library, creating reinforcement agents for the drafting game Sushi Go Party!, generating comic books with fine-tuned stable diffusion, and more!

Spring 2023

HUMIC AI Incubator 3.gif

Fall 2022

Spring 2022

Intelligent Course Recommender

Project Team: Alex Cai, Jason Wang, Brian Ham, Jon Belay

What classes should I take next semester? Course selection anxiety is something all Harvard students have experienced at one point or another. Using SPECTER embeddings and t-SNE, HUMIC Labs developed course recommendation and visualization tools that bring all the course information you could ever want onto one centralized platform.

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