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One of HUMIC's most highlighted projects is PlanCrimson, a course planning website that features AI-powered class search and recommendation. Headed by Alex Cai '25, this project outshines the numerous other student-made course planning websites through its elegant design and HCI integration with state-of-the-art AI utilities. Every Harvard student has free access to this powerful tool which encompasses the entirety of Harvard's more than 3700 courses in a given year.

Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 1.57_edited.jpg

Some of the unique AI features of this project include:

  • Interactive 3D t-SNE of courses embedded semantically through LLMs (seen above)

  • Efficient semantic search of courses through FAISS

  • Personalized course recommendation system

  • Chatbot assistant via LangChain

  • Social networking with friends

  • Smart concentration requirement checker

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